Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's hard to believe that Christmas was 2 months ago.  Where does the time go?  We had a fun month filled with Christmas parties and LOTS of Christmas goodies.  We had one of Santa's elves checking up on the kids and reporting to Santa.  The kids named him "Tom Tom" and luckily he was good to us and we enjoyed a very happy Christmas.  There was no snow, but buckets and buckets of rain kept us indoors for a lot of our vacation.  I can't complain though.  It can be quite nice to lounge around in pajamas doing nothing for a few days.

#2 receiving an award for her Creative Writing
With her teacher
#1 was voted by his peers to receive an award in the category of Respect
With his teacher

"Enjoying" a rainy day

Decorating cookies on Christmas Eve

Eating our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (which is actually breakfast)

4 cuties in their new pjs on Christmas Eve

Ready for Santa

The kids weren't allowed to wake us up any earlier than 6am.
Sure enough at 6:01 they were in our room ready to go.
#4 slept through it all.

A new bike for sister
All things LEGO for the boys

Our cuddly little bear

On the days without rain we went on lots of bike rides.

This year for New Year's Eve (my birthday), I copied some good friends and set up a "Minute to Win It" party with all of my siblings and their spouses.  I don't think the pictures really show how funny it was.
Charlene playing "On the Nose"
Guy and Blake show off their skills in "Hanky Panky"
Karin and Blake competing in "This Blows"
Johnny trying to win "Paper Dragon"
Philip trying not to get sick during "Dizzy Mummy"
Candi and Meiken battling it out in "Penny Hose"
David and Blake give it their all playing "Junk in the Trunk"