Thursday, January 27, 2011


This month the kids finally had some vacation time.  A four day weekend...AND a whole week in fact.  It was fantastic to be free of schedules.  We kicked off our Veteran's Day holiday time with a late night at California Adventure to see their new World of Color show.  They really need to work on the whole seating arrangement (they don't have one), but other than that it was pretty fabulous.  We also headed down to San Diego to see the new Mormon Battalion Historic Site.  It was fun and the kids had a great time.  We ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Indio, which has the yummiest food this side of the border.

For our Thanksgiving break we flew up to Seattle to visit our great (better than good) friends, the Cahoons and the Jacobs.  Our first flight was a bust due to a crazy snow storm.  Thankfully we made it the next day and our kids were thrilled to be back in the snow.  They had a great time with the Jacobs' kids and picked up right where they left off three years ago.  We saw a few sights but mostly had a very relaxing visit hanging out and catching up.

After paying $80 for a turkey last year, it was a pleasant surprise to see the stores here giving them away for free.  Thanksgiving has to be the greatest holiday ever.  No gift giving or excessive commercialism.  You basically just sit around and eat...and then if you can, you eat some more.  I forgot how good a homemade pie tastes.

Showing off some art work from school

The beach in November???
One Saturday we went to Huntington Beach to see cousin Guy in a surf competition.
I thought it was cold but obviously not the kids.

Waiting patiently for the show to begin

3 pioneers
Alex was the lucky model of the soldiers' gear
Panning for gold

Making bricks
Getting a great view of San Diego

Stuck in the airport


Freezing cold at the top of the Space Needle
(Thanks for the pic MJ and Libby)
Getting her first taste of cold weather

Visiting the Pacific Science Center

They had a really cool Tropical Butterfly House
The gigantic one in between the girls is actually a moth.
They only live a few days when they are that big.
It was practically the same size as his head
Watching them eat

Libby made an amazing meal
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Where does the time go?  I can't believe October was three months ago.  Time to get caught up AGAIN.

Our month was spent in many of the usual ways.  School, soccer, ballet and scouts meant lots of driving around.  We also began guitar and piano lessons which filled our home with complai--I mean beautiful music.  One Saturday we took a trip to Huntington Beach and enjoyed Ruby's on the pier followed by a little gelato.  We took full advantage of the warmer temperatures here and spent a lot of time playing outside.  It was lovely although deep down I must confess that I missed the fall colors.

After a couple years away, it was a lot of fun to celebrate Halloween here.  I think the kids were a little blown away by it all.  There was a school parade, primary activity, trunk-or-treat, party with friends and lots and lots of candy.  Too much if you ask me.  Some of the treats went to pay mommy and daddy taxes, some went to the Bishop to pass out on Sundays, some ended up in their bellies and the the garbage.  With so many holidays in America, we are never short on candy and treats.

4 months old

Goofing around outside
Don't you love the fangs?

Pete walked in on this one evening.
These two are alike in so many ways.

As my sister says, #3 is exuberant

Getting awards at a pack meeting
Huntington Beach Pier

4 cuties
Ready for the school parade

With primary friends


Edward, is that you?

My lovable dragon

My little pumpkin

A "nice" witch (as she put it)
Getting in the act with cousins

Pumpkin carving

Finished products

Happy Halloween!