Monday, June 6, 2011


I'm trying to catch up before summer gets under way.  March seems like it was ages ago but here's a quick recap:

#4 learned how to pull herself up in bed.  
She still loves her binky, even when it's upside down.

#2 lost her first tooth one morning before school.

When she came home from school she surprised me with a second gap.
 Who loses their first two teeth in the same day?
She was the first in her class to lose a tooth at school.

#3 learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.
He continually tries to prove to his older siblings that he is just as capable as they are.

#4 started getting teeth left and right.
She has 8 cute chompers.
Shortly after she learned how to pull herself up she started climbing up stairs.
It took her a while to learn how to go down and one day she gave me a heart attack when she fell all the way from the top to the bottom landing!

#1 started spring soccer with one of his best buddies

#3 is so proud of the projects he brings home from preschool.

#2 showing off her Dr. Seuss hat

I love this hat especially because if you look closely it says...
..."George Washington's wife Ruby"

#4 is an eating machine.  She especially loves the green foods (peas, broccoli, spinach) which is a first in our family.

#1 and #2 had a school music day.  It was fun to go and watch them perform.

The kids participated in a school jogathon.
It was a HOT day but they were both determined to run the whole time.

For thirty minutes they ran laps.  You can see in the background that fire trucks came and sprayed water on the kids to keep them cool.

Towards the end of the half hour the kids were still going but I thought they were both going to collapse.

Tired and sweaty but happy.
They ran 22 and 42 laps (1/2 of a track) each!
Afterward the kids all got to cool down with Popsicles

#4 is getting tall and heavy.  She is all over the place and we have to keep a close eye on her.

I wish I had taken more pictures but we celebrated my dad's 80th birthday!

Chocolate fondue with cousins

On St. Patrick's Day we were visited by leprechauns who made quite a mess and turned our milk green.

A few days later we were visited by some different mischief makers (in our ward) who created their own mess for us to clean up.

The month ended with spring picture day.