Thursday, July 28, 2011


Target practice!
Uncle Scotty would be so proud.

We had a fun visit from cousin Tommy

#2 and her buddies

The best 1st grade teacher ever!
#1 and his buddies

The best 3rd grade teacher ever!

#3 and his buddies
The best preschool teacher ever!


Yummy Peach

Goofy cousins
Closing pack meeting at the lagoon
#1 earned his Bear

Our little ballerina

After performing in her first recital
Mama Linda even made the trip up to see her
Daddy's girl

#4's first Family Home Evening in the park

#2 and her latest baby crush

PS-We bought a house and moved

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our first trip to the lagoon in 2011
It definitely wasn't warm enough for swimming but the kids loved the fire pit

We learned that #2 LOVES fire and she tested everything out on her roasting stick...her favorite thing was Cheetos

My first Mother's Day with 4

Fun with whipped cream

Such a good sport

Happy Birthday to Pete!

This is our family's favorite game and we all play together on Sundays

This year #1 participated in his 1st Pinewood Derby.
It turned out pretty cool looking.

We had a little trouble with the wheels so we were a little surprised when he won a few of the heats.
I think in the end he placed 4th (out of 12 or so cars) so he came home thrilled.

I made cupcakes for #3's preschool class
4 and proud of it

We had a small party at the park with #3's preschool buddies and their families

#4 with her "Uncle Greg"

#4 is a busy little lady.  One day when I was folding laundry she was playing in the next room.  All of a sudden I heard her screaming followed by a knocking sound.  I followed the noise and discovered her inside the bathroom cupboard.  She had somehow managed to close the cupboard door and was trapped inside!