Tuesday, January 10, 2012


After our long trip to Utah, we spent the last weeks of summer trying to fit in as much sun and outdoors as possible.  Most of the time I forgot my camera but here are a few shots.

Having fun at "Mama Linda's beach" with cousins

Celebrating our 12 years together

Having a fun night with just the girls

#2 decided to donate her extra long locks

Looking all cute and grown up

Having fun at the lagoon

Summer Vacation Part 2

The second half of our week was spent at my family's ranch where my sister and her family live.  The kids have been looking forward to going there ever since our last visit in 2009.  In fact, about every prayer #3 has given over the past 2 years has contained the phrase, "Please bless that I can go to the ranch and ride a horse."  Prayer answered.

Breakfast with a view

We had fun riding 4-wheelers and motorcycles

Pete after a little "accident"
 #3 in front of the Velvet Ridge

 #3 fishing for the first time
 #3's first catch
 #1 had his eye on this one
 Look at that concentration!

#4 getting her first ranch experience

Taking turns riding Tiki


Swinging in front of the Lodge

Learning how to shoot...cans of course

More rides
Feeling more confident on the 4 wheeler

Best buddies