Wednesday, September 29, 2010


If June was crazy, July was insane.  We moved into another temporary housing apartment 2 days after I came home from the hospital.  We filled our month up with swimming, art classes, parties, holidays and LOTS of eating out.   Child #3 not only had a broken tooth extracted, but one week later knocked the other front tooth clean out. 

Quotes of the month:
*  "Mom, when you are done milking the baby, can I hold her?"
*  "I'm bored!"  (After returning home from a day at the beach)
*  "When are we going to have normal food?"  (ie, not takeout)
*  "My tooth not owie anymore!"
*  "Why your belly still big Mom?"

Temporary Housing #2

Trip to Ruby's on the Pier

Happy 4th of July!

Made me smile that he wore a Swiss shirt on Independence Day

Loving #4

Too much TV

Nighttime swimming

Happy 50th Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday!

Go Sox!


June began in a temporary housing apartment.  The kids were missing Switzerland despite trips to the pool, lake and beach.  My belly expanded and I was daily bombarded with comments from strangers how I must be due at any moment or expecting twins.  I drowned my sorrows with frequent trips to Target, Costco and any food stop that got me out of cooking dinner.  Just when I thought I was going to be pregnant forever, I was delighted when baby #4 arrived safe and sound 3 weeks early.  It ended up being a blessing to have her here.  Had I been in Switzerland, I would have had an episiotomy for sure (ouch!) and possibly an emergency c-section.  My OB is now officially one of my heroes.

Things I missed from Switzerland: the views, friends, stability, fresh pastries and more
Things I loved about America: the weather, family/friends, A/C, frozen yogurt and more 

Temporary Housing #1


Swimming Lessons

Family Time

Scout Camp

37 Weeks

Welcome #4